Upgrade / Migration

West Coast Council Migrates to CouncilWise

West Coast Council is migrating from our legacy PropertyWise solution to CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating.

West Coast Council in Tasmania has been placing significant emphasis on digital transformation - as a small regional council focused on delivering efficient and effective services to their community, West Coast has decided that migrating from our legacy PropertyWise property and rating system to our new CouncilWise Cloud solution makes the most sense - and we agree. 

Located in the wild and beautiful western coast of Tasmania, West Coast Council covers nearly 10,000 km2 of incredible lakes, rivers, beaches and forests. With roughly 4,300 residents, council focuses on delivering modern services and over the past 12 months have been working hard on digital transformation to deliver renewed, capable and fit for purpose tech to this incredible location. Animal management, building and planning applications, licences and permits, infringements and property management - all have been managed since 2005 in our legacy PropertyWise system. Having used our legacy system for nearly 20 years, they also have quite a bit of data and files to migrate! Training is well underway, go-live is coming up soon, and we are looking forward to providing new capabilities and features to the team.

A huge thank you to West Coast Council's team for placing their ongoing trust in our software into the future. We'll continue rolling out innovative features at an effective price, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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