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Break O'Day Council Completes Migration to CouncilWise

Break O'Day Council has completed their migration to CouncilWIse Property and Rating.

Located on the north east coast of Tasmania, Break O'Day Council have been long term users of our legacy PropertyWise software. They are now live with the modern CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating solution, with the transition complete in late 2023. This marks a steady trend of our customers voluntarily choosing to migrate from the legacy system, with six councils completing their transitions in this financial year alone.

Break O'Day Council covers 3,500 km2 and is home to roughly 7,000 residents. With a capable and dedicated workforce, we are proud to have delivered our quality property and rating solution to them for over 15 years - one which won't cost them an arm and a leg to administer. Break O'Day Council administers all of the normal local government functions - animal management, building and planning applications, licences and permits, infringements and property management - and our software has been making this possible. Now, with the transition to CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating, they are able to eliminate costly server hardware, operate flexibly in the post-Covid work environment, and benefit from regular software updates. 

A huge thank you to the Break O'Day Council team for placing their ongoing trust in our software into the future. We'll continue rolling out innovative features at an effective price, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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