Upgrade / Migration

Flinders Council Upgrades

After 17 years of using PropertyWise, Flinders Council is migrating from our legacy solution to CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating.

Back in 2007, Flinders Council (located in the Furneaux Islands off northern Tasmania) implemented our PropertyWise solution for Property and Rating. Remote locations like Flinders have a soft spot in our hearts here at CouncilWise because it seems so often software vendors do not appreciate the context in which they operate. Staff wear many hats, and what tech support they have access to is intermittent at best. After 17 years using PropertyWise, we are pleased to announce that we are commencing the migration for Flinders Council into our web-based CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating solution - our sixth Tasmanian client to do so. 

Covering more than 60 islands (12 populated) in the Furneaux and Bass Straits island groups off the north east tip of Tasmania, Flinders Council covers 1,900 km2 and is home to roughly 1,000 residents. Small. Hard to get to. But the local council has been around since 1907, and have a capable and dedicated workforce deserving a quality property and rating solution which won't cost them an arm and a leg to administer, and we are proud to provide it. Flinders Council has all of the normal local government functions - animal management, building and planning applications, licences and permits, infringements and property management. 

A huge thank you to Flinders Council's team for placing their ongoing trust in our software into the future. We'll continue rolling out innovative features at an effective price, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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