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No Sunset for PropertyWise

CouncilWise Pty Ltd confirms it will continue support for its legacy PropertyWise property and rating software into the future.

CouncilWise delivers its cloud-based property and rating solution to a growing number of councils across Australia. We are proud of our offering, and recently on-boarded three councils in Victoria and one in the Northern Territory over June-July 2023. We are excited about the modern features CouncilWise Cloud delivers, and especially excited about how these features can be grown into the future.

Recently, however, I was confronted by the question of what to do regarding our clients using the legacy PropertyWise property and rating system, something we have developed over the past 25 years. Quite a few of our clients continue to rely on PropertyWise to manage their property, and while we are keen to migrate these clients to take advantage of what CouncilWise Cloud offers them, the question of 'must they migrate' has repeatedly arisen. In my role as Director of Operations, let me say that there is absolutely no pressure for a council to change.

While internally Ben and I have discussed this for years - indeed, we have not been selling the PropertyWise solution to customers for several years - it amazes me that this is an issue. My feeling has always been that we should not force customers to change, and that the decision as to what solution works best for them ought to be left to the council, not the vendor.

Together with our Managing Director Ben Dornier, I want to say with the utmost clarity - no council will be forced to change from PropertyWise. Our legacy system, which we lovingly call the 'beige beast', remains a capable property and rating solution. No council will be forced to change, upgrade, migrate or do anything of the sort. We will continue support for the product as long as there are clients using it.

So if you are hearing rumours that PropertyWise is drifting off into the sunset, this is not the case. There is no 'sunset' for PropertyWise, and there never was one. We continue to have an active team capable of supporting the product and are committed to maintianing this for the benefit of our users. 

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