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CouncilWise Cloud Mobile iOS app is incoming to streamline your day

CouncilWise takes the wraps off its mobile companion app for iOS

Several years ago, we decided that we needed to have a mobile companion for our suite of products but as with all things, we didn't want to just slap something and flick it out to the world. It would have been very easy for us to slap something together over cater in some areas and not in others just so we can wave a flag that says "we have a mobile app" and that is not what we're about.

Do it once, do it properly.

We tried outsourcing it, we tried building it with low-code solutions internally, and we just never found the right fit. Fast forward a few years, and we're now ready to announce that we have a beta mobile app being released in the coming months to our existing cloud customers.

This has been designed, as usual, together with our users. Special attention paid to keeping the data available while offline and outside of mobile phone range. Security was also a bit of a challenge, but we love those, and together with Microsoft, we have it sorted. 

So what's it going to do?

Well, we consider it a companion to our core application, so it's not going to do everything it does. Our goal is to stop any double entry of data or phone calls back to the office to look up data while out in the field.

First cab off the rank as far as functionality focuses on Animal Management.

Wait, what?! Why animals? Seems a strange choice for a company focused on Property and Rating. The answer is quite simple.

Where does an animal live? At a Property, so we would need to cater for that. Who owns the animal? A person (what we call an Associate) does, so we need to cater for that as well. By choosing to roll out mobile functionality for animals, we need to roll out property and people associated with properties, allowing us to focus on the most obvious use case for in-the-field access on a mobile device - the Rangers. 

What's next? Well, that's pretty easy, it'll be Infringements. How we are doing that really will be very cool, so watch this space. After that, well you'll have to wait and see!

If you are a CouncilWise Cloud customer, have an iPhone and want access to the beta, simply put a request to and we'll hook you up.


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