New Customer

West Daly joins CouncilWise

West Daly Regional Council chooses to migrate to the CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating solution.

In yet another indication of the growth we are are experiencing in the Northern Territory, COuncilWise is pleased (and humbled!) to announce West Daly Regional Council is now live with our CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating solution. Spanning an area of 14,000 km2 and with a population of just under 4,000, the region is a beautiful, tropical Top End council.

With a large amount of country to cover, West Daly was seeking a property and rating solution allowing their headquarters team in Darwin to effectively manage properties and rates from a central location at a far more effective price than their legacy software. We are proud to have provided our CouncilWise Cloud Property and Rating dolution in order for them to do just that. Accessible via their MS 365 login from any computer, West Daly staff can log in and administer properties, rates, changes of ownership, instalments, payments and valuations with the click of a button.

Welcome to West Daly Regional Council!

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