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Palmerston migrates to CouncilWise

City of Palmerston is the latest council to complete the migration from on-premise legacy PropertyWise to the new CouncilWise Cloud.

Our original client in the Northern Territory, City of Palmerston is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Northern Territory, and indeed Australia. We are pleased to announce it has successfully completed its migration from our on-premise legacy property and rating solution PropertyWise to our new web-based CouncilWise Cloud - the latest Northern Territory legacy client to do so. It joins Coomalie Community Government Council, Katherine Town Council, Wagait Shire, Victoria Daly Regional Council, West Daly Regional Council, Barkly Regional Council and Roper Gulf Regional Council in the Northern Territory using our modern SaaS based property and rating software. 

With maintaining costly on-premise hardware environments becoming harder and harder in local governments across Australia, and with cloud-based corporate systems becoming increasingly prevalent, making the change made sense. It makes even more sense when your servers are shifted to a managed service. Moving from a managed server to Microsoft Azure provided a huge increase in security, while delivering 'available anywhere' capabilities so important during these post COVID times, while providing increased ownership and control over both document storage and data.

With Microsoft 365 having been rolled out across the organisation for several years, Palmerston was able to quickly migrate receipting, animal management, infringements, licences and permits, property and rates administration into the new system.

Moving files and databases, altering and modernising templates, retraining staff in the new interface - City of Palmerston is now proudly running CouncilWise Cloud.

Is your council seeking a cost-effective, competent property and rating system? Looking to get out of your on-premise servers and into the cloud? Contact us at info@councilwise.com.au - we'd love to have a chat!

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