CouncilWise moves to Microsoft Graph authentication

CouncilWise finishes project to roll out it's integration with Microsoft Graph API over it's entire suite of cloud systems

CouncilWise is pleased to announce that its cloud products have all been moved over to Microsoft's Graph Authentication a more modern authentication technology that you can read about this here:

So,.. what does this mean?

Well on a very simplistic method, our software can now pretend to be our users. Take, for example, sending an email. No longer does our software have to send the email itself, it can simply ask the Users Office365 account to do it on their behalf. And that's the same for saving a file into SharePoint or using AzureAD to find a user's manager from the organisational chart.

Umm ok,.. but why should that matter?

Well, let's take the example of sending an email through another application. Have you ever done that and then gone into your sent items within Microsoft Outlook, only for the email to be nowhere to be seen?
Yeah, so have we, and it's super annoying.
However, with this approach, it will be in your sent items, because your user account sent the email. This level of tight integration will give us unprecedented capabilities within the Microsoft ecosystem which has been a dream of ours for some time now.

Right now it's just the beginning, but much much more is coming soon including some pretty cool things around email and records management, but for the time being, we'll just say to keep your eyes out and see whats coming over the horizon.

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