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CouncilWise Cloud Portal finally leaves the factory

Announcing CouncilWise Cloud Portal, our own in house CRM and customer portal solution

For several years back when Ben Dornier (MD of CouncilWise) and I worked in local government we would often speak of random bits of software that the council would just get shoehorned into, and often remark to it as "if only someone would just keep it simple and just do X then this would be so much easier"

Now I'm not going to give away all our random little projects, but one of them that we really have decided to put a lot of time and energy into was CouncilWise Cloud Portal. A CRM and customer portal solution that is not only designed for for the specific needs of the Council, but also for the members of the public who would use it most.

And yes, I mean that the direction of our development staff was a simple one in principle.

"We want a CRM system, with all the requirements of Council catered for, but, designed in such a way that the older generation could use it to find the information they wish, log issues in their community, to access property, animal and other information, and to make payments. And to be able to do all of this quickly and easily."

Why would we not put our clients - local governments - first? Easy, we believe that would be wrong to do so. Because the people who will be using it, will be the council's customers - residents, ratepayers, dog owners, tourists - and that's where our focus should be. (Well, yes, we do have a few goodies for council staff as well!)

We needed the portal to be lean, fast, and robust. So we again went back to Microsoft and leveraged some really cool tech that was honestly a game changer for us.

Written in the latest codebase, with the latest in database technology, CouncilWise Cloud Portal even provides AI-assisted search. This makes it super fast, extremely robust and very secure. We've also catered for clients to make us of the payment gateway of their choice, and to connect directly into CouncilWise Cloud.

Sounds good, but what if you don't run CouncilWise Cloud? What if you use a different property and rating software than ours? As CouncilWise Cloud Portal has been written as a standalone product, it still could be an ideal solution for community engagement, integrated into your property and rating solution of choice.

With three client councils already running CouncilWise Cloud Portal, yours could be next. Get in touch with us and we'll show you how we think it's different.

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